September 05, 2005

Jihad in South Central L.A.


Above: A flyer urging violent jihad being circulated in South Central Los Angeles obtained by KFI radio. I'm sure by jihad, the flyer only means internal struggle.

Recently, a group of jihadis connect to a South Central Los Angeles mosque were indicted on conspiracy to commit terrorism. That mosque, though, was Saudi funded and was clearly Salafist in orientation, not the radically racist Nation of Islam.


The Nation of Islam in Los Angeles is calling on the Crips and Bloods street gangs to stop fighting each other – and to unite in a jihad against the LAPD.

That's the essence of a flyer obtained by KFI News and circulated in South Los Angeles, calling on members of two violent street gangs to start a "holy war" against the police department.

The telephone number listed for the Nation of Islam's Los Angeles mosque near 87th and Vermont has been disconnected, but a check of a reverse directory reveals the phone number on the flyer is connected to the mosque at the same address, according to KFI.

The Nation of Islam's L.A. leader, Minister Tony Muhammad, has claimed he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by LAPD officers at the scene of a vigil for a murdered gang member.

The LAPD last week released an audio tape of some garbled radio transmissions in which they say Muhammad can be heard challenging officers.

The photograph on the flyer appears to have been taken at a news conference held just after Muhammad was released from jail. Muhammad and the Nation of Islam have not returned calls for comment.

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