September 05, 2005

Hot Muslim Becomes Miss England


Hammasa Kohistani has become the first Muslim to crowned Miss England. Pics below. She's quite a dish. Thanks to Flea's prurient interests for finding this one.

A good sign? Yes. This is the build up to the Miss Universe pageant which is known as quite a racy event. In even better news: four of the finalists were Muslim.

But what about the swimsuit competition? Expect a mixed reaction ranging from delight by more progressive Muslims to horror and a fatwa by more conservative groups.

Washington Times:

An 18-year-old Uzbekistan native has become the first Muslim to wear the Miss England tiara.
Hammasa Kohistani, 18, was selected at Liverpool's Olympia Theatre from a group of 40 beauties to represent England in the Miss World championships, Sky News reported Sunday....

Kohistani said she was happy to be making history as Britain's first Muslim beauty queen and added, "hopefully, I won't be the last."





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