September 05, 2005

Llama Ambush

I've made it back in one piece from the American Political Science Association's annual meeting. The highlight of this year's journey was finally meeting Steve the Llama Butcher who, to my great delight, never let out a single orgle. (Although I did hear the cry of 'yips' at the conslusion of his panel).

Mad Dog Vinnie and the other Jawa bloggers got together and told me that if I ever do any more lame APSA posts that they'll hunt me down, shoot me, grind up my remains, make sausages, and then send them to Wonkette in a Hilshire Farms gift basket. He was being seriously.

I promise, on the grave of my dead father Inego Montoya, to never blog a political science convention again. Unless there are strippers. That would make a good post!

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