August 31, 2005

Missing persons Forum

WTVW has posted a link to a missing persons site started by a New Orleans paper. The site is so that people searching for loved ones can possibly link up. This sort of stuff seemed to work in London a while back. I may be the last to know. If you know of other sites post em in the comments and we'll move em up.

Updated : hat tip Jawa readers. is establishing a list and is looking for online persons to volunteer at shelters taking names and listing them for the many people without power, computers or Internet. They are also in need of server power as their resources are greatly limited right now as well.

B4B posted this site: along with this info, "Dan Ford from Electric Desert has devised a database for those hoping to locate a loved one in the Katrina disaster zone, and can also be used by those living in the Katrina zone to inform their loved ones they are OK." is shaping up to be a good resource, too

CNN has started a page of links as well.

Link to FOXNEWS Katrina help page.

Erin reports that Fats Domino is missing in New Orleans.

Updated: Fats has been located and is safe.

The big man in the office upstairs sends this link.

Craiglist New Orleans.

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