August 31, 2005

Freed Victims of Bush's Gulag Arrested in Russia for Terrorism

I wonder how the five released Gitmo prisoners will find conditions in a real Russian gulag? Do you think their will be a massive outcry from the Left and the European elite?

Via ITB this from Mosnews:

Two former Guantanamo prisoners, extradited to Russia in 2002, have been detained in Moscow on suspicion of preparing a series of terrorist attacks, the Vremya Novostei newspaper reported Tuesday.

The two Russian citizens, Airat Vakhitov and Rustam Akhmyarov, who were seized in a counter-terrorist operation in Afghanistan and kept at the Guantanamo base in Cuba with other Taliban and terrorist suspects, and then extradited home to Russia, have been detained and are now being held in a Russian detention centre.

They are charged with preparing and carrying out a series of terrorist acts in the Central Russian Povolzhye region.

Three other former Guantanamo prisoners have been detained in Russia’s Tatarstan Republic on the same charges, the paper adds.

All in all, of the seven Russian Guantanamo prisoners extradited from Cuba in 2004, only two are not in custody.

Five of Seven? If anything, it looks like the Bush policy of releasing prisoners is a failed one. More Gitmos please!

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