August 30, 2005

Muslim in Netherlands Laments Failure of Holocaust

Reader fan mail from an IP in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Am I wrong but isn't Nazi ideology illegal in the Netherlands? Wrap that same ideology under the banner of Islam, though, and the Left goosesteps into line to protect this vile speech and pretends that such sentiment is not common. How come I get similar comments nearly every day, the vast majority of which trace to Europe?

This could be right out of Mein Kampf.


All you stupid americans just all shut up!!!
you dont know any thing about this howle war!
the only thing you beleve is the sensort media made by those zionist jew's!

The truth is that america whants oil and that the jews what to oppress all muslims!

beside jew's what more and more might in our world
it was a better way if al jews where killed in the 2nd world war!

but still the zionists whants muight and power and they what to dominate our world oppress every one how tells his comment and that is wat its all about!
dont know if you know but almost everyone execpt rumsfeld is an zionist in your goverment!

so dont lissen to there lies!

Allah Akbar

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