August 30, 2005

Answering Questions About Iraq

John Hawkins is in classic form as he attempts to answer 10 FAQs about Iraq. The questions are:

1) Some people are saying that Iraq's Constitution will lead to a theocracy.
Is that true?
2) Well, if it's a pretty good Constitution, why aren't the Sunnis on board?
3) So, since the Sunnis oppose the Constitution, does that mean it will be
voted down in October?
4) What happens if the Constitution is rejected by the Iraqi people in
5) Would it be a significant setback for the US if the Constitution were
rejected by the Iraqis?
6) What is "victory" in Iraq?
7) Do US forces have to destroy the insurgency to win?
8) Well, why aren't all these troops trained already? What's the hold up?
9) Ok, so the Iraqis are making progress. What does that mean for our
troops? When can they start to come home?
10) That sounds good in theory, but can our military hold up under the
pressure? Are we wrecking the military by keeping them in Iraq under the
current circumstances?

Go check it out.

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