August 28, 2005

Lodi Muslims Suspect Government Mole

(Lodi, California) The Lodi Muslim community has been rocked by two prominent citizens being implicated in a federal terrorism investigation.


Hamid Hayat is accused of lying about attending a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. His father, Umer Hayat, was also arrested for lying about his son's involvement.

Muslim leaders in Lodi say since those arrests, a man who'd forged deep ties in the community has now disappeared. Federal prosecutors have revealed they did have a cooperating witness in Lodi, but did not name the person.

What a cheap shot. Blame it on the guy who skipped town. Instead of trying to distance themselves from terrorist activities and summarily denounce terrorism, the Muslims in Lodi are saying that someone ratted them out.

In my estimation, we would probably benefit by having more moles.

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