August 27, 2005

Rusty Responds to 'Fan Mail' from Dubai

Here is a letter I received from Dubai. I thought you might like to read it. Notice how the self-proclaimed not an antisemite accuses me of being a J-O-O.

Dear sir,

Ive visited your website, n i read almost everything u have there. Dont u think ur too biased?

Yes, I am biased. This is my personal website reflecting my personal opinions. By definition, then, this site is biased.

Im an arab muslim who lives in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai.. You
probably odnt know where that is, cause Americans are too busy to think of
the outside world normally, unless it concerns energy probllems. Dubai is one of the only 5-Star cities in the world (There are only 5 5-star cities).

I know where the UAE and Dubai is. Nice place. I believe Michael Jackson is there now. Of course, by 'nice place' I mean nice as long as you stay within specially designated zones where we infidels are allowed to act like infidels. I'm not so sure I would like the rest of your country where I could not openly practice my chosen religion of South Park Universalistic Hedonism (Missouri Synod). I am required to shout 'Allah is a Buddhist' three times a day at the top of my lungs or I will be excommunicated.

Many foreigners live here, Including European and American people, who happen to love it here.

Personally I'm more into liberty than making a buck, but I understand the allure. The beaches, from what I've seen, look pretty kick ass. Any topless ones?

Dont you think you make us all sound like people who are ready to put guns to the heads of every american and kill them ?

No, I do not. I certainly hope not, at least.

I Have numerous American and English friends who would disagree. I love my american friends, ive lived with them almost all my life, we share respect and trust, and so do our families. We do not seperate Muslims from Christians (that is one of the biggest sins in Islam by the way), we do not see things that way.

I guess you are not a good Muslim then, or at least not a traditionalist, since the Quran and Hadiths explicitly place Christians not living in second-class dhimmi status as part of dar al-harb--a seperate nation. Perhaps you are a reform minded liberal Muslim who has rejected Sharia, most of the Hadiths, most traditional interpretations of the Quran, and has decided to join the 21st Century? I hope so.

We are all peacefull people, who happen to be ill-treated by your government.

Since when has the U.S. government done anything harmful to the people of the United Arab Emirites? Oh, by 'we' you mean 'Muslims'. I thought you didn't seperate people and that was like a big sin or something?

Look at Palestine. Israelis Have been destroying the homes of familes whos sons have suicide bombed places in Israel. U might think "hey, they deserveit, let the bastards take it all, "

Yes, I do. I only wish they made bigger tractors. Hey, how do you people in the UAE treat Jews? Oh, wait, all of them were forced to leave.

But What do u think it takes a man to decide to suicide and kill himself?! Lots of guts, and desperation.

Very true. And hatred. And faith that Allah will accept him into paradise for killing Jews.

Desperation caused by Israeli Forces who kill children and familes, and let kids watch their parents rot infront of them while they surround their house.

Then perhaps the fathers should not be terrorists? That would go a long way in solving that problem.

You dont know a thing about what we fell, you just look at the Israeli perspective.. your probably a jew too, and i dont mean it as an insult.

Again with the we thing. I don't take it as one. I'm not a Jew, although I'm cut, but I would count myself in good company if I was one. Did you know that Natalee Portman is a Jew? Not that it's important, but I'd definitely convert for a pice of that. And if you don't mean it as an insult, then why make the accusation? Unless you think there is something wrong with that?

You have to open your eyes. Your people are rated the most close-minded people on earth, and yes you are.

I'm sure the people of the UAE are much more open minded. I have a Bible, a Book of Mormon, a Theravada, and a Rig-Veda sitting around the office. How about I come to your country and pass them out on the street? Since your people are so 'open-minded' let's see what kind of reaction I would get.

People dont just decide to kill themselves or bomb a building, they are "forced" to do that.

Gee, I wasn't aware of that. It must be those Jews forcing terrorists to blow up other Jews. It's always the Jews, you know.

Bin laden owns more money than any american ever will, then why did he sacrifice all that and decide to live in caves?

I think Bill Gates might take umbrage.

There must be a CAUSE.

There is. It's called taking your religion too seriously.

Something, maybe hate, causes people to give up their lives and fight for something, even if that cause maybe "wrong".

Or, maybe it is love for Allah, hope for recreating the Caliphate, and a dream of inhereting paradise? Honestly, I could care less why they do what they do. I just want them dead so others like them can't do it again.

(I am against the sep11 bombings by the way).

How very big of you. I hope that didn't cause a major moral conflict.

Any american who had that much money would probably spend it on alcohol and whores,

I know I would. The whores, that is. Once you get that much money no need to drink because those high-end whores all look good. Or so I hear.

Because you americans do not know what it feels like to suffer, and > you never will (sep11 must have given you a clue though),

And you people in Dubai suffer sooo much. I'm glad you were against 9/11, though, because one might think from that last statement that some part of you was happy 3,000 civilians were intentionally murdered.

and you do not understand the honor of fighting back, to protect your people and family.

We do, only we understand the that it is a much higher honor to fight back effectively. This means when we fight back, such as in Afghanistan, our goal is to kill the other guy. In case you hadn't noticed, that was fighting back.

Islams stresses peace more than any other religion

How do you reconcile that with the statement you just made about fighting back? Many Christian fundamentalists believe violence, even fighting back, is always wrong. They take that saying by Jesus to 'turn the other cheek' pretty seriously. Many Buddhists too, some going so far as to become vegetarians so they don't have to take any life--even animal life.

You actually believe that Islam stresses peace more than, say, Buddhism? I guess that's why the Dalai Lama and his followers are so violent in opposing Chinese occupation?

Islam stresses submission more than any other religion, I will grant. But to say it stresses peace more than any other religion is to overlook the fact that 9/10 of every violent conflict in the world today has Muslims involved in some way or another. Either Muslim on Muslim violence, as in Afghanistan or in Iraq, or Muslim on infidel violence, as in the Phillipines.

I'm afraid the empirical evidence does not support your claim.

yet what do you know, youve close your mind already.

Again with the closed minded thing. Give me evidence that Islam is peaceful. I want to see it. You make a claim, now back it.

Unfortunately, your education system has taught you a lie about the history of Islam. Islam has bloody roots that go right back to Muhammed's conquest of Mecca. Both Jesus and the Buddha were strong advocates of non-violence, can the same be said of Muhammed? No.

While it is true that the Caliphate was at one time much more civilized and peaceful than the Western European countries, that time has gone and past long-long ago. Further, the 'peace' offered by Muslims to their conquered people was always the peace of submission. Contrary to Islamic propaganda, Christians were never allowed to worship as they wished under Islamic rule. One of the key components of Christianity, just like in Islam, is the Christians are under the obligation to try to convert the non-believer--something forbidden under your religious law.

If Islam is so 'peaceful' and if it is so self-evidently correct, then why would Muslims be afraid to let religious ideas compete? Why has your religion historically forbidden, under penalty of death, a Muslim from leaving the faith? Christianity abandoned this practice centuries ago. Buddhism never had such a practice.

The peace offered by Muhammed is the peace enjoyed by the slave. As long as he is obedient to his master, he has nothing to fear.

Goodluck in continuing your work of making americans even stupidier.


That would be 'more stupid'. Thank you for your letter Karim. I needed a good laugh.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford

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