August 26, 2005

It's Time to Take al Sadr Out

Too often our University trained military officers and State Department employees overlook the lessons of WWII and buy into the myth of diplomacy. By conceding ground to Muqtada al Sadr in an effort to have him 'buy in' to the process of creating a nation, we have let a dangerous man create a radical Islamist fiefdom. From NRO:

Not long after, Sadr was implicated in a massacre in the gypsy village of Qawliya. His Mahdi army tried to abduct a woman accused of prostitution in order to try her in Sadr’s kangaroo religious court. When the men of the town resisted, 20 were killed and the town nearly leveled with machine guns, mortars, and RPGs, after which the survivors were beaten and tortured.

Sadr’s victims are not only his fellow Iraqis. The Mahdi army often attacks Coalition forces, on one occasion turning a Sadr City marketplace into a “300-meter-long-kill-zone” in a battle that claimed the life of Sgt. Yihjyh (Eddie) Chen. Many more Americans have died fighting his goons in Najaf and Karbala.

Sadr is accused of being a pawn of Tehran’s mullahs as well, helping them subvert the progress of Iraqi democracy. If military action is taken against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Sadr’s Al-Mahdi militia could counterattack within Iraq.

One can only imagine how the restive Sunnis in central Iraq fear the prospect of Sadr’s growing influence. Why would they support a new Iraqi government that, favoring the Shiite majority as it must, might eventually make Sadr their de facto ruler?

Read it all. This Clinton W. Taylor dude is one sharp playah. It's surprising to learn he got through his grad school classes with an attitude like that. He must read the Jawa.

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