August 25, 2005

Report: Bin Laden Injured by Spanish Troops

Islmic websites have began circulating a rumor that Osama bin Laden was injured. Yesterday afternoon The Jawa Report began to get bombarded with Google traffic looking for 'bin Laden rumor'. I could not locate any relevant information, though, until this morning. If true, which cannot be confirmed at this time, then we know Osama bin Laden's location and that he is still actively engaged in the fight to return the Taliban to power.


Osama bin Laden has been wounded in Afghanistan, according to two different reports carried by various Islamic websites. Referring to the al-Qaeda leader as Abu Abdullah, the second message, which appeared on Wednesday, said: "Mullah Ahmadi, military leader of the Badr brigades, which form part of the al-Qaeda organisation in Afghanistan, has confirmed that Sheikh Abu Abdullah has been injured in his left leg."

It follows a previous message on several Islamic websites saying the fugitive terrorist leader was injured while taking part in an attack on a Spanish military base in Afghanistan.

The second message relaying the news is titled "Confirmation of the injury of Sheikh Abu Abdullah in the Al-Khulud expedition" and adds other details, specifying that the injury was to the left leg and claiming it was sustained "when the Sheikh went out onto the battlefield to lead the expedition during which the Spanish base was attacked and which was named the Al-Khulud expedition."

"The source has promised to broadcast soon a video of the expedition, which lasted four hours," the message continues, before concluding: "Therefore we ask Allah to heal the Sheikh and make him well again. Don't be miserly in praying for him."

Is it just me, or does it seem odd that Osama bin Laden is actually participating in attacks on NATO forces? If the report has any basis in reality, isn't it much more likely that bin Laden was hit in his camp than that he was injured while leading an assault on Spanish troops?

UPDATE: Mac Powell also notices the story and is equally skeptical of claim bin Laden leading attack. And as Mike Pechar says, these things have turned out to be wrong in the past.

UPDATE II: Speculation: 10Snooker, in the comments, makes the keep observation that this could be the set up for an announcement that bin Laden is dead. It's just a lot sexier to say he died of battle wounds than from kydney failure, I guess.

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