August 24, 2005

WTW Combat Rock

Sheriff don’t like it. Rock Utah Rock Utah.


You can still rock in America... Well maybe not…..

Little sister’s got a record machine.
She's all excited cause she's sweet sixteen.
She going out she's gonna bop tonight.
Gonna shake it make it last all night.

Utah Sheriff's rifle is ready to roll.
Grabs some tear gas as he heads for the show.
He's gonna knockheads, knockheads, knockheads!!!!!


Rock & Roll Over on your stomach and place your arms out cross your legs.

Well come on now. If you got to go to places like that well the cops are going to show sooner or later. Don’t stop, just expect it. If you want to rock some days you are going to get rolled. It’s just part of it. I remember when Kiss was going to be the end of civilization. Now they’re all respectable and stuff. Even that lizard Paul McCartney is respectable these days. Nightranger caused teenage pregnancy, thank god. Everyone kept a chick album or two.

Speaking of teenage pregnancy. The Timken Trojans don't use em.

Here are your bloggers

Wunderkraut missed us and wants a link. Here you go.

As you can tell from the musical refrences here I'm a bit beyond my party years. However a good friend of mine had a rock & roll dive bar band. I went quite a bit. Yep there was always a fight or cops or whatever.

Updated: OMG no Clash link Horridly rude of me.

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