August 22, 2005

The Jawa Report: Faster and Skinnable!!

Notice the new-new site? The Jawa Report should load 10x faster than it has been the last few weeks. The center column should adjust to fit your screen size and we've adjusted the font color. Further, the page is now skinnable. What this means is that if you don't like the white text on black background you can switch to a black text on light background. Cool, eh?

Thanks to Bryan of METAGFX studios, and who blogs here, for coming up with the original kick ass design concept. Muchos gracias also to Phin of Apothegm designs, and who is also an A+ blogger here, for retooling the site so that it would run faster and for working out some of the original kinks. Last shout out to Gordon the Cranky Neocon for coming up with the new Jawa Mos Eisly logo and to Professor Chaos for finding that Thomas Mann quote.

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