August 12, 2005

Jawa Report: Over 2 Million Served (LINK THIS POST, BIYATCHES!)

Celebrate with us for a moment. You can help us celebrate our ginormous flow of traffic by linking to this post and sending a trackback, thus increasing our traffic even more! In return, we'll issue a fatwa against your infidel butt, you'll get a link in return, and maybe you'll get a hit or two of your own. But make sure it's a good post. Okay, who are we kidding, there are no good posts out there......

Two million unique visitors.


3.9 million page views.


Not bad for a Star Wars/South Park themed blog written by a fictional character from a popular syndicated cartoon that started out with a goal of getting 100 hits a day 18 months ago and who's content was deemed so offensively pro-American that Google News kicked us off. The day Google banned us was the day I thought our run with good luck was over. This site, I thought, would go the way of hundreds of thousands of others and be forgotten. I was wrong.

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The site was originally intented to simply be a place to poke fun at our enemies and their apologists on the Left. It still is. It turns out, though, that I'm not as funny as I thought. Besides, even I need to take the occasional break from internet porn and stock quotes, so I kept on blogging. The posts that resonate the most with readers tend to be my independent reporting of jihadi activities on the internet and screeds against the hardcore Leftist media. We've also become an outpost of hope for families of American hostages in Iraq. I can live with that.

Thank you, one and all. Thank you regular readers. Thank you regular commenters. Thank you guest posters and co-conspirators. Thank you to linkers, big and small. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We may not be the best written blog. We may not be the hardest working bloggers. We may not even be that good. We're not even sure why anybody pays us any attention. Whatever it is that keeps you coming back to My Pet Jawa--aka, The Jawa Report--we'll try to keep doing it. We'll do it bigger, longer, and uncut. Now if we could only figure out what it is.

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