August 12, 2005

Sheehan: Secret Service Out To Kill Us

Tinfoil alert. I guess since Sheehan's son died in the War that we're not allowed to institutionalize her? The Astute Blogger sends us word about Sheehan's latest moonbat statements:

Cindy says that the protesters will be killed if they stay the night.

“We’re not letting them intimidate us. If we get killed out here, know that
the Secret Service killed us.” [MORE HERE]

Since I saw Cindy on MSNBC this morning, I'm going to presume that the Secret Service hit squad missed their target. By the way, the MSNBC story was very flattering to Sheehan. No mention of her antisemetism, paranoia, and false alliby that her protests are about the President's alleged lack of concern.

Greg Hays is photoblogging the Cindy Sheehan protest from Crawford.

NoDNC and T. Longren have the propaganda angle covered.

Very Small Doses presents a Cindy Sheehan media timeline here.

Point Five, Confederate Yankee, and Bespoke Memetics have the parody angle covered.

PS-Due to an Instalanche, LGF, and Michelle Malkin link all within 48 hours I've been overwhelmed with e-mails. Sorry if I haven't got back to you. I now understand why Glenn Reynolds never returns my phone calls.

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