August 10, 2005

Lodi Terror Ring Connected to Bin Laden

Whoa. Check this out from KGO:

The FBI is now drawing a link between their terror investigation in Lodi and Osama bin Laden. The government believes al Qaeda was trying to set up a school in Lodi to recruit terrorists.

The accusations from the FBI came Tuesday morning during an immigration hearing for Shabbir Ahmed. He's the 39-year-old religious leader of the Lodi mosque -- one of five men connected to the mosque that have been arrested on immigration charges. Today the government drew links to all five and then to Osama bin Laden.

The FBI says it has information that two of the religious leaders at this Lodi mosque were acting as intermediaries for Osama bin Laden....

Lawyers for the government would not be interviewed, neither would the FBI. But in court today the lead agent said they have secretly taped conversations between several of the five men arrested in Lodi....

The government believes they wanted to set up a branch of a religious school that has in the past been associated with terrorists including 9/11 leader Muhammed Atta.

For their part, the father and son Hayat terror duo dispute the governments claim, admitting to the lesser charge of fomenting violent jihad against the United States and praising bin Laden while in Pakistan. Both claim they have changed their minds about the U.S. I wonder, though, what are on those secret tapes?

UPDATE: California Mafia has been following the case closely. Their post on the bail hearing is here, including the name of the connection between the Lodi ring and al Qaeda.

Background on the Lodi case here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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