July 08, 2005

Model Jeanette Sliwinski Charged With Three Murders

Jeanette_Sliwinski_murder poster.jpg

Come on, does that look like a murderer to you? She's 23, hot, and a model. But apparently slowly killing herself through anorexia wasn't good enough for Jeanette Sliwinski. Nope, she decided to commit suicide by crashing her car. Unfortunately, the car Jeanette Sliwinski rammed into had three passengers in it. (hat tip: Spoons)

Doug Meis, John Glick and Michael Dahlquist were musicians and friends, each in a different band [blog coverage of their deaths here]. All of them died. Jeanette lived. How's that for cosmic injustice?

But the Cook County, IL, DA has some plans to bring justice down to earth. Jeanette Sliwinski made her first court appearence Friday for an initial hearng. She is expected to plead not guilty to six counts of first degree murder and two counts of aggrevated battery at her arraignment. [source]

If Jeanette Sliwinski's depression was brought about because she couldn't find a job, she could have called The Jawa Report. We are in desperate need of a hot sleazy model type spokeswoman with few moral qualms and the ability to kill. Of course, we would have sent her to Mosul, Iraq, with instructions to take out Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. See, we give chicks like this purpose.

More images of Sliwinski below.



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