August 04, 2005

New Zawahiri Tape Warns of New Attacks

Ayman al-Zawahiri has released a brand new video tape warning England of more attacks "because of Tony Blair's foreign policy decisions."

The al-Qaeda deputy said: "Blair has brought to you destruction in central London, and he will bring more of that, God willing."

In all fairness, Zawahiri and Al Qaida threatened England before Blair was in power, but why let the facts get in the way of a rambling psychopath.

The Associated Press offers a bit more from the video tape.

Referring to the Western nations contributing troops to the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq, he said: "As to the nations of the crusader alliance, we have offered you a truce if you leave the land of Islam.

"Hasn't Sheik Osama bin Laden told you that you will not dream of security before there is security in Palestine and before all the infidel armies withdraw from the land of Muhammed?" al-Zawahri added.

Al Qaida, under Osama Bin Laden, did offer European nations a truce and later rescinded the offering two months after the time period was up. The problem is that one of the main goals of Al Qaida is to topple Europe and turn it into a Sharia Law waste dump. It is part of the Caliphate state they wish to accomplish, therefore it is just more of the incoherrent ramblings of Zawahiri.

Where is this Bin Laden promised tape? According to various jihadi message boards, they were all excited Bin Laden was to release a video tape in May, then June and finally July. Furthermore, why has Zawahiri released two video tapes in two months yet no word from Bin Laden in almost a year?

The Associated Press also has new information of what was in the tape it is directed at the United States.

"As for you, the Americans, what you have seen in New York and Washington, what losses that you see in Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the media blackout, is merely the losses of the initial clashes," he said, referring to the Sept. 11 attacks blamed on al-Qaida.

"If you go on with the same policy of aggression against Muslims, you will see, with God's will, what will make you forget the horrible things in Vietnam and Afghanistan."

He then addressed Americans, saying, "The truth that has been kept from you by (President) Bush, (Secretary of State Condoleezza) Rice and (Defense Secretary Donald H.) Rumsfeld is that there is no way out of Iraq without immediate withdrawal, and any delay on this means only more dead, more losses.

"If you don't leave today, certainly you will leave tomorrow, and after tens of thousands of dead, and double that figure in disabled and wounded."

The "media blackout" refers to a propoganda tool used by Al Qaida and radical Islamic fighters in the Afghan-Soviet War to say there are thousands more casualties and actually reported. We see this on just about every communique that comes out of Iraq and Zawahiri has adapted this for his own use.

As best I recall, the United States did not invade Afghanistan or Iraq until after Muslim agression, but my memory is a bit hazy. Perhaps someone could clear that up for me. The figure of "tens of thousands" dead soldiers is quite lofty considering the number just went over 1,800 this week. While I am sad for the loss of even one soldier, there is always a distinction between what Al Qaida says and what is the truth. Yet they run around and call everyone else liars. Heh.

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