August 03, 2005

When is Losing not Losing?

Why when you're the Democratic party, of course. The party of "we've got everything backwards" seems to not be able to tell a win from a loss in this latest congressional race. The AP hosts the story this morning in which Democrats claim a victory in Ohio (why is it always Ohio?) even though their candidate only recieved 47% of the vote. And why did they claim a victory? Because their candidate managed to get 47% of the vote, up from 29% for the last joker they tried to run in that district. Of course there were a number of contributing factors. After warning Bush in the last election that using Iraq and 9/11 would be playing dirty pool, they disregard their own rules and hype their own candidate as a seven month Iraqi war "veteran." Not only that, but the man is a rabid Bush-hater, coming out with statments like the following:

He drew attention to the race with his flame-throwing assaults on Bush, namely for the president's July 2003 "bring 'em on" comment about Iraqi insurgents. Hackett called the comment "most incredibly stupid comment" he ever heard a president make, and said it "cheered on the enemy."

Oh yeah. Calling them "Minutemen" certainly wouldn't cheer the enemy, now would it? Calling our own soldiers (in which Hackett would be lumped) Getstapo, or Pol Pot wouldn't cheer the enemy soldiers on now would it? Publicly stating your wishes that our troops would die certainly wouldn't cheer our enemies on, would it? Trying to say that everything the President does is wrong and creating a huge rift within this country wouldn't do anything to cheer the terrorists on at all, now would it? All those and more are things that have been done by the Democrats. And yet they want to choose one instance and latch on it. Worry it like a dog with a bone. And then they can't even choose anything that might have real substance.

This race is a harbringer of what is to come in 2006. We're going to see more and more attacks on our President as the Democrats attempt to sling mud in the general direction of the people whom they are running against. We're going to see the wedges of diviseness driven even deeper into our communities as they attempt to portray how "evil" the Republicans are. They count the Ohio race as a victory because they played dirty, smear politics and came close to a win. Of course they also fail to account that most of their runners will NOT be associated with the Iraq war and will be running against an incumbent. But the "reality-based" community will continue to see only what they want and continue to play the kind of dirty pool that divides this great nation and loses them elections. To them, I say "Bring it on!" Because the more of this junk you try, the more support, and elections, you're going to lose. Just think, you might could have had a victory in Ohio if you hadn't been spewing hate.

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