July 30, 2005

An Open Letter To CAIR

So you managed to get Mr. Graham fired from his talk radio job.

Whoop de doo dah.

Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.

Despite your pathetic attempts, one simple fact remains.

You are the followers of the bloodiest "religion" ever to befoul planet Earth. Your holy book reads more like H.P. Lovecraft than anything else.

The prophet you exalt, Mohammed (Pig blood be upon his name) was a pedophile. He married, and had sex with, a 9 year old girl. Your prophet, Mohammed (Dog poop be upon his name) was also a pimp. Bet you didn't think that we'd find out what muta'a was, did you? Your prophet, Mohammed, when he was proselytizing (something Christians are executed for in your home countries) was considered a nutcase in his time.

This from my private email from one who knows:

When Muhammad first got "touched" by Gabriel and was walking around Mecca denigrating everyone's religion in Allah's name (that's how Islam has been since the beginning), the Meccan polytheists would diss him by calling him "mudhammam," a play on his name which means "reprobate, miscreant, lowlife," etc. Nice, huh? I learned that in his biography (written 150± years after his death), "Sirat Rasul Allah," by Ibn Ishaq (ed. Ibn Hisham). Highly recommended book.

You don't have a religion, CAIR, you have a death cult. You don't like it? Tough shit. You had Yahweh, Christ, and even Buddha. You chose to follow Mohammed (gratuitous phlegm be upon him).

Bring it on, bitches, you'll still lose.

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