July 28, 2005

London Al-Qaeda Bombing Cell - Collapse or Deeper Pit?

Captain's Quarters writes in his "Further Collapse Of AQ Bombing Cell," that British investigators have now added nine more people to the list of those arrested after the botched bombings of July 21, where all four bombs failed to detonate properly and left a treasure trove of evidence for police. Police confirm that they have arrested 20 suspects, including one of the erstwhile bombers.

As offered by Captain Ed in his post, the investigation has occured with great speed and effectiveness. However, the deeper investigators delve into the nests of the terrorist underground the deeper and wider the pit appears and the more we realize just how far amuck a captured religion has departed from reality. It's now obvious that the London cell(s) are extensive and that participants, collaborators, and supporters are literally spread out across the globe, with suspects having fanned out beyond Britain to Morocco, Pakistan, Zambia, with connections to all the way to Oregon in the U.S, Egypt, and elsewhere. This as India is reporting that terror camps are being revived in Pakistan. And this is only a small part of an incredible series of connections that have continued to exist since prior to August 2004 between the remote and harsh border regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the burning land of Iraq, and Europe, and particular France, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain. Networks such as these don't collapse over a few weeks of investigations and arrests of low level ground troops that are expendible - after all, that's their job, to expend themselves while killing as many other people as possible.

And while terrorists have been 'nesting' all over Britain and the rest of Europe, the EU is just now waking up to the idea that gee, they ought to stop the funding of terrorists!

For a possible remedy for all of this madness, and an approach to truly collapsing al-Qaeda and the Islamic terrorist-conducted war on civilization, Efraim Halevi's "Rules Of Conflict For A World War" are begining to make more sense:

Efraim Halevi (Jerusalem Post) The multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place on the London transportation system were the work of perpetrators who had an operational capacity of considerable scope. There was careful planning, intelligence gathering, and a sophisticated choice of timing as well as near-perfect execution. We are faced with a deadly and determined adversary who will stop at nothing and will persevere as long as he exists as a fighting terrorist force. We are in the throes of a world war, raging over the entire globe. We are in for the long haul and we must brace ourselves for more that will follow.

The executives must be empowered to act resolutely and to take every measure necessary to protect the citizens of their country and to carry the combat into whatever territory the perpetrators and their temporal and spiritual leaders are inhabiting. The rules of combat must be rapidly adjusted and international law must be rewritten to permit civilization to defend itself. There is no doubt that international cooperation is essential. Yet this cannot replace the requirement that each and every country effectively declare itself at war with international Islamist terror and recruit the public to involve itself actively in the battle.

Efraim Halevi, who heads the Center for Strategic and Policy Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is a former head of the Mossad.

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