July 23, 2005

Late Night Loser Religion of Peeps Roundup

This post is dedicated to those night owls like me who stay up late surfing the net for something interesting to read.

Patrick al-Kafir writes a weekly column every Friday worthy of a paid publication. Go read it while it's still free.

This Jewish girl from Brooklyn trying to make her way in the world is not happy with the world as it is today.

Like the Nazis they aspire to be, the Taliban are pressing children into service.

The American Civil Liberties (for terrorists) Union gets thumped on the melon.

"Sire, it is said the people are revolting!" President Saleh: "You bet! They stink on ice!"

For the rest of you late night losers, give yourself a fatwa on me. Link to this post in your post, and t/b it.

Or, have yourself a happy drunken comment party. I'm going to look for a good picture for the caption contest.

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