July 21, 2005

Not to be outdone, the IRA bombs London

Purely speculation, but as long as my wife is down for a nap with the baby on this sultry summer day, let me go ahead and speculate.

This could be a botched terror bombing, but it seems more likely that this was either an amateur copy-cat bombing by more of your friendly neighborhood ROPers....

or, maybe.....

The fact that only one person is injured. Again, pure speculation, but doesn't this seem more like the work of the IRA or one of its offshoots like The Real IRA? When the ROP strikes they are going for casualties, but when the IRA strikes it is political theater. Most of the time, the IRA is looking to do plenty of property damage with as few injuries as possible.

Plus, militant Irish Republicans aren't looking to meet 72 virgins in the afterlife. The bombers, from what I am hearing on TV, ran away.

Just a thought. I'm probably wrong. Ok, back to vacation.

UPDATE: Like I said, I'm probably wrong. This is a blog, remember?

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