July 20, 2005

WTW "ladies first"

My first nominee is Melissa Irene Tanner, 37 of Oklahoma. I nominate her for drinking and giving birth while drunk. The baby was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. At the time of birth her BAC was .29 and her daughter .21. Source AP.

Let’s not for get Stephanie McMullen age 29 from Vinnie’s post yesterday for Munchausen by proxy.

I’ve go one more “lady”, waiting on news director from WKMS.

OK lets move on to politicians.

William Carr a Murphysboro Ill. Alderman for driving drunk. Hey it’s fair buddy.

"charged with driving under the influence and three other traffic violations. The 25 year old was elected to represent Murphysboro's Ward One this past April"

Note the story has rolled off but I'll post a link anyway for credit.

I nominate the entire country of Egypt for this. Hey dumb asses the evidence is in England.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

"Livingstone, who earned the nickname "Red Ken" for his left-wing views, won widespread praise for a defiant response which helped unite London after the bombings. But he has revived his reputation for courting controversy in recent days".

Drug companies I saw a commercial for Humira on TV. You can slow your arthritis but at what cost. Just read the side effects that include lymphoma. Yes always wanted to trade my joint pain for a good old case of lymphoma.

Just read the list of awesome artificial drugs that together might be of help you if you just have the money.

Kind of explains this.

Lewis Kuykendall for being an ass or getting too much ass I’m torn on one hand way to go dude on the other well he’s an ass.

Holy cow I’ve got more.

I nominate some lazy ass pilots for abusing disability insurance and Yahoo for dropping the link to the story like a hot rock.

Last but not least Gun control advocates see this cool post. Withdrawl from DC called for.

Not only do I get to point out trash I get to post some too. If you are at work be sure no prudish women are looking over your shoulder. It may be old but Oh so good for trashy white men to pass the time.

Don’t forget to play the head roll game. It’s tough to win and the reward, well just keep trying.

On a personal note I would also like to nominate hackers and spammers. I got a spam on my phone last month and now I’ve been billed for 25 downloads I did not do. Also I would like to nominate Verizon wireless for being stupid. Think about it boys. No downloads for six months then 25 all at once. Come on. I love the service but use the old noodle.

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