July 19, 2005

Around the blogosphere

Ah yes what to post today. Well cool It looks like that has been taken care of by our good friends around the blogosphere. Thanks guys.

Elisa at Boxer Watch sends us these.

As we noted in this post, Senator Boxer is circulating a petition demanding a "strategy" and a "timetable" for the mission in Iraq. At the time of this posting, 35,352 people have signed her petition.

We need to make sure that President Bush hears the OTHER side - our support for his efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East in a realistic way.

We have posted a petition at PetitionOnline.com - you'll find it here

Romeodelta sends us this tidbit on the Germany releasing yet another terrorist

His post is based on this AP story.

Indeed one of my favorite words is now off limits. Gee hope I don’t have to cough up 5 G’s for that. Well like they can get blood from a turnip anyway.

Thanks to Glen Reynolds for his one.

Also President Bush will Announce Sandra Day O'Connor's replacement at 9:00pm EDT.

I think she will be confirmed easily.


I've noticed people commenting on old threads a lot lately. Check out this one

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