July 14, 2005

College Professor Implicated in London Bombings; Fourth Bomber Jamaican (UPDATED)

[UPDATE 7/15--El Nashar arrested in Egypt]

Two more suspects identified in the London bombings. Add visas given to Middle Eastern professors and graduate students to my list of immigration reforms. One of the suspects is a college instructor, Magdi El-Nashar from Egypt. [UPDATE: Suspect also went to graduate school at North Carolina State. Scroll down for info...] Also, co-author Mike Pechar reveals the identity of London's fourth mass-murder--and he's Jamaican. This means he was not the son of Pakistani immigrants, as the other three were, and that he was a most probably a convert to Islam. I'm thinking a few puffs of the ganja would have been a good thing in this guys case. Never heard of a Rasta terrorist before......

Lindsey Germaine, Jamaican-born, lived in Buckinghamshire.

[UPDATE: He is not the mastermind, only a suspect] According to other sources. A chemistry instructor at Leeds University has been implicated as the possibe as the mastermind behind the 7/7 bombings, but the fact that the bomb-making materials were found in his apartment puts him squarely at the center of the conspiracy.] The way the article is written, it sounds as if he may have been a graduate student but I'm not sure how the British University system works exactly. The Sun:

A CHEMISTRY lecturer linked to the Leeds bomb factory was being hunted last night by cops trying to trace the mastermind of the 7/7 atrocity.

Egyptian Magdi El-Nashar, 33, rented a flat at 18 Alexandra Grove in the suburb of Burley.

The lecturer — also taking a PhD biochemistry course at Leeds University — vanished days before the London outrage.

He is thought to have returned to Egypt, where al-Qaeda have a strong base.

At least two of the suicide bombers who caused the carnage have been connected to the flat, 200 yards from Leeds Grand mosque.

Forensic experts were searching the house in which the flat stands yesterday — and are thought to have found explosives. Anti-terror cops are also trying to trace ANOTHER suspected prime mover of the London attacks.

This article from News.com.au says he PLANNED the attacks:
POLICE believe they have identified the man who planned the London bombings.

It has also emerged that one of his recruits - Edgware Road bomber Mohammed Sadique Khan - was a teaching assistant in a Leeds primary school.
The leader of the terrorist cell is believed to be in his 30s and of Pakistani origin. He arrived at a British port last month and is understood to have left the country the day before four suicide bombers murdered at least 53 people.

Security sources believe he has been involved in previous terrorist operations and has links with al-Qa'ida followers in the US. It is believed he visited the bombers in Leeds and identified targets. Security chiefs say he is also likely to have schooled his recruits on how to trigger their rucksack bombs almost simultaneously.

This smacks of Sami Al-Arian, the college professor from Florida currently on trial for terrorism related charges and Professor Ali al-Timimi of Virginia who is said to have been the ringleader of an international terrorist cell.

UPDATE: Tim at Opinion Bug and Confederate Yankee tell me that Magdy el-Nashar also studied at NCSU in Raleigh, NC. Do you think he dropped out because the local hotties at the Releigh Hooters offended him? Via Opinion Bug this from NBC-17:

An Egyptian-born academic being sought by London police as part of their investigation into last week's terrorist bombings spent a semester at North Carolina State University, school officials said Thursday.
Opinion Bug also has a CCTV photo of Hasib Hussain posted.

Another UPDATE: So, a college professor/grad student (haven't sorted that one out yet--any Brits care to help distinguish?) is at the center of the conspiracy to murder civilians and terrorize London--pretty bad. IT. GETS. WORSE. Malkin on freakin fire--Government funded youth center hub of jihadi activities, tie group together. Your tax dollars at work!

And yet another update: It looks like he was a graduate student who also lectured. Something I am all too familiar with. DC Examiner:

In a statement Thursday, Leeds University said el-Nashar enrolled in October 2000 to do biochemical research, sponsored by the National Research Center in Cairo, Egypt. It said he earned a doctorate May 6.

"We understand he was seeking a postdoctorate position in the U.K.," the university said. "His visa was updated by the Home Office earlier this year. He has not been seen on the campus since the beginning of July.

UPDATE 7/15: El Nashar arrested in Egypt.

Here is what The Mirror has to say:

A KEY suspect in the London bombings has been held for questioning near Cairo, Scotland Yard said today.

Egyptian security sources identified the man to be Magdy Mahmoud Elnashar (left), a bio-chemist thought to have links to a Leeds flat being searched by anti-terrorist officers.

The 33-year-old bio-chemist is believed to have handed the keys of a terror base in Leeds to the four killers.

He is also thought to have been close to Lyndsay Jermain, a 19-year-old Jamaican also known as Abdullah Shaheed Jamal, suspected of being the fourth member of the gang.

More information on El-Nashar below.

Read More "London bombing mastermind detained in Egypt (UPDATED)" »

A security source said: "We have to find out what exactly his role was in all of this. We need to know how he knew Jamal and came to give him the keys to that flat. We have to speak to him as soon as we can."
The Mirror last night traced Elnashar to an address in the Maadu area of Cairo where we a woman answered the phone number of the address but did not comment.

Elnashar was noted in Leeds University biochemistry department for his devotion to Islam. He travelled with his mother to Mecca on a pilgrimage last January.

He said he planned to leave university in late June, saying he had a problem with his visa, though it was updated early in February.

A source revealed that he was constantly asking the research degrees office there for the conferment date for his PhD to be brought forward.

He told flatmates at 22 St John's Terrace in Leeds - close to the suspected terror base at Alexandra Grove - he would "see them soon" when he left last week.

Police have seized all documents detailing his stay in Britain. He has studied at Leeds since October 2000.

Last night 12 West Yorkshire and Met Police officers began a fingertip search of his flat. The back of the property was guarded by an officer with a protective vest.

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