July 12, 2005

Hell Freezes Over: Jawas on CNN

karate_kid_crane.gifBoost to ego from mention on CNN--ten points on the John Edward's self-love scale.

Boost to traffic from mention on CNN--Zilcho on the Sitemeter scale.

I hear that The Jawa Report got a full minute of coverage from CNN's Inside Blogs today for this post. If any one taped it I'd sure love to see a copy. Even if you just saw it let me know what was said. I'd really like to know if "The Jawa Report" was said with a straight face. Take that Llamas and Cranky Neocon punks from Reseda!

UPDATE: Found the video over at DEMbloggers. Go check it out. I've also got a few still images below. Jacki Shechner actually utters the words "Jawa Report" on air. Unfortunately she's off camera so we can't tell if she keeps a straight face or not.

Why did we make CNN? Because I took the contrarian view that Karl Rove should be fired. They say my thoughts are more typical of the left-leaning blogospher than the right. Of course, the leftosphere wants Rove to resign cause they think he's a felon (or worse), I want him to resign because I don't think we need a scandal to distract us from the more important job of killing Islamofascist terrorist.

Isn't that just like CNN to find a pro-Bush site and then to run a post critical of the administration? Not that I'm looking a gift-horse in the mouth--forgive me oh great Overlord Ted Turner for my gainsaying! We worship you and your partners at Time-Warner, Inc and pledge obedience to the Fonda goddess!!

Also mentioned by CNN:

Steve Taylor called a 'bigger blogger' by CNN [APSA insiders note to Joyner, Steve and Stotch: no giggling out loud] for an unrelated post and because Toner Mishap complains that Taylor needed more cowbell at his blog. Did I say cowbell? I meant Plame.
Just One Minute defends Rove on legalistic grounds
Fishkite mentioned because he saved Wilson's bio which names Plame
Louise Slaughter, not really a blog.
TPM Cafe has former McCain advisor who says Rove won't go.
Fishbowl was at the press conference today, and the CNN report indicates that the press may have been so hard on McClellen because the leftardosphere had been giving them heat.

UPDATE II: Thanks for all the well wishes. I do read the comments and follow trackback links, even if I do not always leave a comment. Oh, and some guy named "Eric" who I've never heard of and claims some sort of 'blog-son' relationship to me sends me a link to the transcript.

JACKI SCHECHNER, CNN BLOG REPORTER: Well, John, we tried really hard to find some people who weren't talking about Karl Rove, and the only other person they seem to be talking about was Scott McClellan, and that was because he won't talk about Karl Rove.

We found an interesting post today at the The Jawa Report. This is mypetjawa.mu.nu. Now, this is a right-leaning blog, but they're saying something that we're hearing from the left, and that's that President Bush should fire Karl Rove. Why, they say? Because he's creating a political scandal, that he voted for President Bush, not Karl Rove. Get rid of him. This is not what we need in a time of war.

ABBI TATTON, POLITICAL PRODUCER: And that's, yes, not typical from the right, but something we're certainly seeing on the left in the blogs and in the halls of Congress, and congresspeople with their blogs as well joining on this one.




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