July 10, 2005

Backlash: Incidents in Britain, New Zealand

In addition to the following, there likely will be more reports of incidents of backlash against Muslims, adding challenges to law enforcers who already have their hands full.

From The Statesman:

Fire broke out in a mosque in Leeds and a Gurdwara in Kent, amid the first indications of a possible backlash against British Muslims as police said tension in the country was increasing. About 70 incidents against minorities have been reported across the country since yesterday, police said, adding they ranged from the fires in the prayer halls to two possible assaults, cases of verbal abuse and threatening calls. Kent Police are investigating two assaults on Muslim men in Dartford.
Interestingly, Britain's Sikh and Hindu communities are weary of possible attacks due to being mistaken for Muslims as happened after 9/11.

(Auckland, New Zealand) Prime Minister Helen Clark and other government officials condemned "mindless and stupid vandalism" which has occurred at about 14 Islamic places of worship in Auckland between Thursday and today.

From National Nine News:

Auckland's Muslim community found six mosques vandalised and walls tagged in graffiti with the message 'Londoners RIP' following the terrorist bombings in London that killed more than 50 people.

In what appeared to be a coordinated series of attacks in central, south and west Auckland, vandals smashed glass windows and doors and left variations of the same message in black paint on walls facing the street.

There are about 40,000 Muslims in New Zealand out of a total population of over 4 million, about one percent of the citizenry.

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