July 08, 2005

Scotland Yard Press Conference

Scotland Yard Commissioner Ian Blair, with Asst. Commissioners Andy Hayman and Peter Clark, is presently (0615 EDT) conducting a press conference broadcast live via the television networks. Salient points made:

- Fatalities number more than 50 with total casualties currently at least 700,

- 350 injured stayed in the hospital overnight, one person died at the hospital,

- There were only four explosions, three in the tubes, one on a bus,

- No evidence found of suicide bomber but can't rule it out,

- Each bomb contained less than 10 pounds of explosives,

- Bomb placement was on the floors of the trains - On the bus, it could have been on the seat,

- Evidence gathering is underway and expected to be time-consuming, review of closed-circuit television footage has commenced.

- The public is asked to call the terrorist hotline (0800-789-321) with any possible information that would help the investigation,

- Although all appearances indicate that al Qaeda may be responsible, London Police have no specific supporting evidence thus far.

Consistent with reports from virtually all media sources, Scotland Yard praised the response actions of the police, emergency medical teams, and Londoners. That would be my assessment.

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