July 07, 2005

Aftermath of London bombing the search is on.

Late night for me. Though I'd get a post started.

Here is a link to eyewitness accounts from the BBC. There is some good first hand accounts of what happened. Pictures, videos and interviews too.

I see at the present time the BBC still has 37 or 38 dead 700 wounded. It will probably rise maybe a bit more.

Also the BBC has a link to staff reporter updates that looks frequently updated.

"Emergency services are continuing to help the injured after several explosions on the London Underground Tube network this morning, and on a bus in central London. BBC News correspondents are on the ground with the latest details."

Another new BBC link 10:00 at 4am in UK CDT.

ABCNEWS has update that says timing devices or parts thereof have been found.

As I listened to reports and comments from England today I was struck by the “stiff upper lip”. Old women, men, women just chatting away like the air hadn’t just been sucked right out of that Olympic bid.

And on a theme from comments from an earlier thread.

May God save the Queen!!!!

Really try out those BBC links they get up way earlier than we do and I’m sure England will be humming right along. I’ll check back at about 5:00 am CDT and see what is happening. Things look pretty quiet for the moment. The recovery and investigation seems well underway.

I am missing Rusty aren’t you guys? Guest posters welcome.

Also at the Northeast Intelligence network the rumors about one of the bombers possibly maybe a recent GITMO release.

Hat Tip: Jonathan. (You’ll have to send me a link please or post one I’ll put it up AM.)


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