July 05, 2005

Kos = Osama bin Laden

So I learn from Charles Johnson, who must have some sort of masochistic tendencies because he spends so much time reading Kos, that the asshole himself decides to compare the religious-right with the Taliban. This in response to Iowahawk's little funny here and Ted Rall's screed in which he calls Ward Churchill a patriot (he must mean patriotism in the same way that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were patriots). Idiotic on a scale I haven't seen since 8th grade debate. Hitler was a vegetarian, you are a vegetarian, therefore you're a lot like Hitler! Nice. Anyway, most of the lunatics on the Left who believe this stuff have must be slippery slope retarded, equating, for instance the religious-right's school voucher dreams to the madrassas run by the Taliban.

In the spirit of Kos' logic, I present to you the reasons why Kos and his Leftist friends have more in common with the enemy than they think.

Religious Practice
Al Qaida/Taliban: We tolerate you as long as you practice in private
Kos Leftist Taliban: We tolerate you as long as you practice in private
The Right: Religion can be practiced anywhere, including public spaces

Religious Freedom
Al Qaida/Taliban: Forbidden in Koran
Kos Leftist Taliban: Forbidden in Constitution
The Right: Inherent part of Christianity

Church State Relations
Al Qaida/Taliban: The religion of the State is Islam
Kos Leftist Taliban: The religion of the State is Atheism
The Right: no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

Equal Rights
Al Qaida/Taliban: Different punishments depending on sex
Kos Leftist Taliban: Different punishments depending on race
The Right: Equality before the law

Freedom of Speech
Al Qaida/Taliban: No
Kos Leftist Taliban: Ok, as long as you, you know, don't offend anybody.
The Right: Ok, as long as you don't incite to violence or criminal acts

Terrorist States
Al Qaida/Taliban: Good
Kos Leftist Taliban: Not any worse than U.S.
The Right: The enemy

Al Qaida/Taliban: Freedom fighters for Allah and against Imperialism
Kos Leftist Taliban: Freedom fighters against U.S. Imperialism
The Right: The enemy

Religious Law
Al Qaida/Taliban: Koran and Sharia only source of law
Kos Leftist Taliban: Religious law is ok in other countries because it's their culture
The Right: Secular governments for all countries

Human Rights
Al Qaida/Taliban: Human rights are a Western construct
Kos Leftist Taliban: Human rights are a Western construct and only applicable to Western countries
The Right: Human rights are universal

Blame America
Al Qaida/Taliban: Blame America first
Kos Leftist Taliban: Blame America first, ask questions later
The Right: Give America benefit of doubt

Versions of Events
Al Qaida/Taliban: When facts are in dispute, believe terrorist version
Kos Leftist Taliban: When facts are in dispute, believe terrorist version
The Right: When facts are in dispute, believe U.S. soldier's version

Al Qaida/Taliban: Good if we do it, bad if you do it
Kos Leftist Taliban: Bad if we do it--because we're the only ones that do it--oh, and every time you feel uncomfortable that's torture.
The Right: Bad, but most of what passes as torture is not actual torture.

One World Government
Al Qaida/Taliban: Support a one world government (caliphate)
Kos Leftist Taliban: Support one world government (UN)
The Right: Supports present nation-state system of sovereignty

Child Molestation
Al Qaida/Taliban: Ok, just marry her first (Aisha)
Kos Leftist Taliban: Hey, kids are sexual beings too
The Right: Immoral and disgusting

I guess two can play at this game, eh? Any other suggestions?

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Religious Symbols:
Al Qaida/Taliban: non-Islamic religious symbols must be destroyed (i.e. those Buddist statues in Afghanistan)
Kos Leftist Taliban: non-Islamic religious symbols must be destroyed and defaced, preferably with public funds.
The Right: All religious symbols are OK, even if displayed on public property like a park or courthouse.

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