July 04, 2005

The Nightly News with Ron Burgendy and Brian Williams


The problem, Brian, is not that you equated our Founding Father's with terrorists, it is that you equated terrorists with our Founding Fathers. The first is disgustingly stupid, the second is stupidly disgusting. The fact that you can't see what the distinction is and think we're just not getting your point reveals you have the intellect of a third grader. In the future, please refrain from saying anything not on the cue cards. That's what you're paid for.


While I insist that a re-reading of my question will prove that in no way was I calling the framers "terrorists" (for starters, the word did not exist 229 years ago), I regret that anyone thought that after a life spent reading and loving American history, I had suddenly changed my mind about the founders of our nation.

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