June 29, 2005

Wednesday's Blast Around the Blogosphere (UPDATED: Awesom-O Edtion)

Round the Reader for today is up. Need something to blog about? Go and see the myriad of topics you can discuss either there or on your blog.

UPDATE: Can I dump a few links here Chris? Because my e-mail is pretty much full up with requests for links today......Be sure to check out Chris's Blast Around the Blogosphere, then check out the links below.

Dave at Garfield Ridge must have his own Awesom-o unit. Check out the funny.

Awesom-o warns you not to go here unless you are into sick humor at the expense of the Religion of Peas. Warning: NC-17 Rated--NSFW.

Ever wondered what happens to jihadis when they get out of their yards? They go feral, that's what happens. Please have your jihadis spayed or neutered. The Ebb and Flow Institute take us through feral jihadi control methods.

John Hawkins as Right Wing News interviews Mark Steyn. Steyn, perhaps the best anti-idiotarian columnist out there, names his favorite bloggers and includes the lovely and talented Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals. Awesom-o!

Awesom-o just went down to Gitmo with a bunch of Democrats---it turns out that most of them had pretty good things to say about the 'gulag of our times'.

Simon has an awesom-o column on the prospects of post-Communist China.

Confederate Yankee has moved to the mu.nu conspiracy. Welcome aboard!

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