June 25, 2005

Washingtonienne: Who dat?


Who is Jessica Cutler, the Washingtonienne? No one, that's who. Surprised to find that Kevin Aylward is still following the story. Yawn.

If you must know a little about her and her relationship to Ana Marie 'Wonkette' Cox, check out Aylward's post. I'm sure he'll have more sordid details in the next installment.

When the story first broke the South Parkosphere (that's the South Park Republican blogosphere) had quite a fun time with this. I did, at least. There's just something intrinsically funny about a blogger who gets famous from linking to another blogger who's actual claim to fame is that she had anal sex with a Captial Hill staffer.

The real story goes something like this:

Girl writes blog: nobody notices.
Girl links other blogs: nobody notices.
Girl links blog of Capital Hill staffer, complete with sordid details of ass-sex for money: every one notices.
Girl continues writing blog, a lot more butt-sex references: MSM falls over self loving girl's blog, put her up as poster-child of blogosphere.
Nick Denton buys girl's blog: girl now hires interns to write for her.
Capital Hill whore poses for Playboy, gets book deal: a lot of Google hits for South Parkosphere because they all link to pics.

The rest of the story will read something like this:

World forgets whore, blogger still considered legitimate media voice: rumors of VH1 Surreal Life deal for forgotten whore, rumors of New York Times deal for blogger who got famous for linking to whore's story.

Yeah, that about summarizes it.

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