June 25, 2005

Liberals Decide to Show Their A$$

Last night a handful of us conservative bloggers were spinning trying to confirm or deny an Arianna Huffinton story that said that Vice President Cheney was rushed to a Vail, Colorado hospital for heart problems.

Apparently, that story was poppycock. But, that's not stopping those darn liberals from saying that the White House isn't telling the truth and wishing death on the Vice President.

Despite the only facts in the case that Arianna Huffington could muster are highly speculative and also despite the fact that the VP was on a scheduled visit there these liberals still think the White House is lying.

This is a significant problem in liberalism today; throw out logic and only listen to stories that can be so easily dispelled that you have to attack others to maintain the fraction of an ounce of credibility the story had.

Fact of the matter is I think Arianna Huffington blew it on one of her first attempts to cover or create news. This could be a trend in the future for her (the next memogate starts at The Huffington Post?) and I wouldn't be surprised if she kept to her word despite the obvious fallacies in her story.

One thing is for sure, don't expect an actual apology.

UPDATE 1332 MDT: The Huffmeister has removed the comments from her site. That's really good and bad. It's good because it shows a higher moral ground than what I was expecting. It's bad because those peaceful liberals won't be able to spit their venom there anymore.

Have no fear. I have the entire page saved to my hard drive the last comment that I captured is timestamped at 1355.

UPDATE by Rusty: Yeah, it's kinda late, but Jeff Quinton wanted me to let y'all that he's following this too.

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