June 24, 2005

Mmmmm, Whaleburgurs!!!

homer_simpson_drooling.gifIs there anything the Japanese can't improve? One day I hope the Japanese figure out how to flash-fry a buffallo in 30 seconds. Until then, we'll have to settle for whale burgers! Al Jazeera:

The 380-yen ($3.50) slice of fried minke whale in a bun went
on sale on Thursday at Lucky Pierrot, a restaurant chain in the port city of Hakodate on Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido.

"We have decided to add a whale burger to our menu due to strong demand from our customers and feel very thankful to the whales for allowing us to make the burgers," said Lucky Pierrot manager Miku Oh.

"The taste and texture are somewhere between beef and fish," she said, adding: "People in Hakodate have a long history of eating whale, so customers are looking forward to trying it."

But customers wanting to try it better get there fast, the chain is currently producing only 200 burgers a day spread out over its 10 outlets.

I'm on the next plane!

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