June 24, 2005

If Bush=Hitler, then wouldn't Bush's killer be a hero? (Reader threatens President)

Words have meaning. If Gitmo=gulag then anything less than armed rebellion against the United States government would be immoral.

This is why you have to chose your words carefully so that what you say actually is the same as what you mean to say. Most people who say Bush=Hitler don't actually believe that. They use the term as a rhetorical device to draw attention to what they believe are abuses by the current administration which could, using slippery slope logic, lead to fascism.

On the other hand, there are those on the Left, like Noam Chomsky, who actually believe their own inflated rhetoric. This is why I have been predicting for some time that Bush would be assasinated. Because if only half of what the Left says about Bush were true, he would deserve it.

So why is Bush still alive and kicking? Three basic choices:

a) Very few people on the Left really believe their own rhetoric. If they don't really believe it, though, they ought not write it. As I tell my students, I'm not grading you on what you intended to say, but on what you actually say. We are at war. Inflated analogies actually lead to the deaths of American soldiers in times of war. This is why Chomsky is so popular among terrorists. They have the gall to actually believe the words he writes!

b) The secret-service does a very good job. Maybe there are daily attempts to assasinate the President and they are foiled.

c) The Left is full of cowards. This is my bet.

Which leads us to this. Here is a comment left by a reader in this thread. He attempted to mask his IP, but he seems to be in Marina del Rey, CA--a fairly exclusive locale:

Dear Secret Service,

If any of you were worth your salt, you'd stop protecting George W. and consider ways of eliminating him. Think of the fame, every American knowns the names of John Booth, Lee Harvy Oswald, and John Hinkley. You'd go down in history and your name and story will be remembered. You'd be a hero and inspiration to billions of people on planet earth. What's the alternative? Dying a forgotten nobody who actually worked to protect a global tyrant? You are in a unique position to the single most important thing that you could do with your life. Rise to the occasion! Meet your destiny! Get Cheney too please!

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