June 24, 2005

I'm not against the troops, I just want them to lose (Religion of Peace Update)

anti_kos_logo.jpg Thanks to Eric at Vince aut Morire for e-mailing me the logo to the right, which was designed by Patrick at Clarity and Resolve.

Is it me or has the entire Leftosphere forgotten that a majority of them opposed the war in Afghanistan? Personally, I think that KKKarl Rove was wrong when he said liberals:

saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.
Most liberals supported swift retributive action against al Qaeda and the Taliban. It needs to be remembered that a liberal is not the same as a Chomskyite Leftist.

Unfortunately, a large part of the Left blogosphere is made up of Chomskyites who say they are liberals, when actually they are far to the left of most of the Democratic party. They are no more liberals than I am a conservative. They are Leftists, or to use their own lingo, they are Progressives.

Anyway, it's the Religion of Peace Update--featuring the dhimmis on the left.

Duncan Black lied, soldiers died, er, or something like that.

Who is funding the insurgency? Leftists in Europe!

Jihad, jihad, everywhere. Either the terro-zombies are spreading, or our partners in the GWOT are finally getting serious.

Taliban sets fire to girls school (via Charles Johnson)

Pakistan sponsored terrorists blow up bus. Our allies at work.

Iranians vote in democratic election today. Can choose between guy who wants to oppress pretty much everyone in the world and kill heretics and another guy who just wants to oppress Persians and put heretics in jail.

Hey, they found the Koran I desecrated! I guess my plan worked.

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