June 22, 2005

Nationalism = Suicide Bombs (Religion of Peace Update)

New motto for The Jawa Report, thanks to Professor Chaos and Thomas Mann:

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

Via the New Editor (thanks for link Basil) we learn that al Qaeda has finally been able to convince a few native Iraqis to blow themselves up for Allah and for 72 Virgins. Evan Kohlmann has a translation of the communique.

Sept. 11th co-sonspirator acquitted in Germany, deported--will either be rearrested and thrown in real gulag as he gets off the plane, or will return to jihadi brothers to kill infidels.

Is the U.S. at fault for suicide bombings? Yes, says one newspaper. Is there any bad thing in the world that can't be blamed on the U.S?

Yes, every detainee at Gitmo has had a hearing. This is why I love Michelle Malkin. And here is a Nazi-Gitmo analogy that actually works. Because of the hypocrisy.....

Did Pol Pot have one of these signs in the killing fields???

Sir George finds a photo of the latest effort by Syria to keep terrorists out of Iraq. Apparently they hired the US Border Patrol to build it.

It's like Tom Clancy is a modern prophet or something: Drug money used to blow up Jews. Columbia may be doing their part to end this, but the PA certainly isn't. I have a novel idea, why don't we legalize drugs and put these guys out of business?

Dhimmis in the Academy: An organization that claims to speak for me defends an accused terrorists right to indoctrinate your children.

Dhimmis eating Vegamite: Australians put Christians on trial for telling the truth about that child molester and mass-murderer Muhammed.

If this is a consular ship, then where is the Ambassador? Al Qaeda not rolling out red carpet for new U.S. Ambassador.

Christopher Hitchens is a Jawa Reader: The Downing Street Memo and the Conspiracy Theories of the Moonbat Left (via QandO)

Leftards are idiots. Nuff said.

An interview with Thomas Lippman of The Middle East Institute on his recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

Boo-hoo: Islamaphobia.

Non-Religion of Peace:

Save our State to rally againts Mexican fascist landmark in Baldwin Park, CA--my old digs.

Brain Dead woman being kept alive to save baby, no comment from NARAL.

The only reference to Jennifer Wilbanks you'll ever see at the Jawa. Click here.

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