June 20, 2005

Hostage William Bradley Dead, Two Unknown Hostages Murdered

Two important updates to our Iraq hostage watch. First, several people made me aware some time ago that hostage William Bradley's body was discovered earlier in the year. Boston.com:

The body of a civilian truck driver missing since April in Iraq has been found near the place where his convoy was ambushed nine months ago.

William Bradley, 50, lived in Chesterfield before going to Iraq nearly a year ago to drive trucks for Texas-based Halliburton Co., which on Thursday announced the discovery of his remains.

The former Marine was in a fuel truck convoy that was ambushed near Baghdad on April 9.

Rest in Peace Mr. Bradley. May your murderers burn in hell after a slow painful death.

Second, a little noticed blurb from Douglas Wood. It seems that Mr. Wood barely escaped death but that two other hostages being held in the same room were not so lucky. The Sunday Mail:

DOUGLAS Wood has revealed he feared he was next to die after two fellow hostages were executed by his kidnappers in Iraq.
I first learned about this last week but did not want to bring it up until we learned who the hostages were. Unfortunately, though, I have heard no news on exactly who the victims were.

From what I have been able to deduce from published reports, the two hostages would have been murdered sometime between May 6th and May 9th. Yet no hostage murder videos or statements appeared during this time frame.

If any one has information on who the two victims were, please e-mail me.

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