June 16, 2005


The heroes of Raven 42 all received medals for their heroic action in fighting off a contingent of Michael Moore's Minutemen as they attacked a civilian convoy in Western Iraq in March. You can read about their exploits here. The seven ten (thanks Barb) members of Raven 42 (three of whom were wounded), the MP unit guarding the convoy, who survived the initial attack by between 40-50 terrorists saved the convoy from sure extermination. If this is the same attack that was claimed by al Qaeda in March, the civilians and every one else would have been surely murdered. These soldiers killed 24 terrorists, wounded 6 more (two who later died), and captured one.

Way to go troops. America, f*ck yeah!

UPDATE: Citzcom reminds us that a woman of the 617th, noted above, was awarded a Silver Star for her valour. The first Silver Star given to a female soldier, ever.

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