June 16, 2005

Kos Says U.S. Torture 'Equal' To that of Saddam Hussein (A comparison)

Will somebody please punch Markos Moulitsas 'Kos' Zunigas in the mouth? I'm not kidding (although I may be speaking in haste and out of anger). Some remarks are so disgusting that they are fighting words. Kos hides behind the fact that he was in the military as if it gives him license to level any criticism he wishes on the armed services of the United States. Via my blogfather Charles Johnson over at LGF this from Markos Moulitsas Zunigas who has clearly gone beyond the pale:

The torture that was so bad under Saddam, is equally bad under U.S. command. And Dick Durbin had the balls to say it so on the Senate floor.
Will someone please grab Kos head, pull it out of his ass, and force him to please see below.

Almost all of the accusations of 'torture' are NOT REAL TORTURE. Instead, they are minor instances of harsh treatment--the kind of treatment you probably wouldn't want to be subjected to--but they aren't TORTURE.

There are some instances of abuse and perhaps even the occasional act of real torture, these, of course should be investigated. But to say that the occasional abuse is somehow equal to the institutionalized and routine torture of the Saddam Hussein regime is disgusting, immoral, and anti-American.

If even the worse accusations turn out to be true, which I do not believe for an instance they will be, they would be nothing compared to what Saddam Hussein routinely did and on hundreds of thousands of victims.

You, Kos, are a certifiable idiot whose blind partisanship is disgusting and unethical.

Warning: Graphic images follow.

The picture below is of a prisoner at the Abu Ghraib prison being tortured by dripping nitric acid on him. This was a matter of routine under the Saddam Hussein regime. Tens of thousands were subject to similar torture methods.


Below is a picture of a family member of a Kurd who finds the remains of a loved one in one of the hundreds of mass graves in Iraq. Most of these victims would have been tortured in prison before taken to an open pit and then shot. For a recounting of the horrors of the Hussein regime, see the Iraqi Truth Projects excellent documentary WMD: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein.

The Kurds in Northern Iraq have opened a museum dedicated to the victims of Saddam Hussein. This is one of the exhibits showing how the Baathists routinely tortured their victims.


While not a victim of Saddam's torture chambers, this little child was targetted by the Hussein administration in an act of collective punishment. Chemical weapons were used to destroy this child's village.

While Kos complains that letting a prisoner urinate on himself is 'torure', perhaps he should check out the kinds of torture instruments used by the Baathists. Notice the saw?

Here is a victim of Saddam Hussein's torture chambers. Remember, Kos says,
"The torture that was so bad under Saddam, is equally bad under U.S. command."


Another torture victim of Saddam. This one did not escape with his life.

These three victims of Saddam Hussein did not survive to complain about the air conditioning at Camp X-Ray or that guards there desecrated the Koran.


Below is a finger vice used by Uday Hussein to torture members of sporting teams who didn't win.


This iron maiden was used for the same purpose. The interior is full of spikes


Please pass the word along.........

For other assessment of our 'torture' vs. our enemies TORTURE see our previous post 'torture' vs. 'TORTURE' or an animated version of the same theme from Rocco DiPippo here.

UPDATE: Grapevine's Ramblings adds three more photos grabbed from an A&E documentary for your conideration.

Bill Quick has another photo of one of Saddam Hussein's not so lucky victims here.

The Headmistress reminds us with the photo that made Kos say 'screw them' in the first place.

Jeff G. has a great essay here.

UPDATE: Donald Sensing on comparing Gitmo to the Nazis with graphic images...

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