June 15, 2005

Australian Hostage Douglas Wood Rescued in Iraq

Douglas Wood, an Alamo, California, resident with Australian citizenship, has been rescued by Iraqi forces backed by U.S. troops from his terrorist captors.

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News.com Australia:

AUSTRALIAN hostage Douglas Wood is well and undergoing medical checks following his rescue more than six weeks after being kidnapped in Iraq.

The 63-year-old engineer, with numerous health problems, was in good health in Baghdad tonight, and he was under the protection of an Australian taskforce sent to Iraq to negotiate his release, Prime Minister John Howard told Parliament.
Mr Wood was freed this afternoon by Iraqi and US troops in Baghdad, Mr Howard said.

"I am delighted to inform the house that the Australian hostage in Iraq Mr Douglas Wood is safe from his captors," he said to cheers in Parliament.

"Mr Wood was recovered a short while ago in Baghdad in a military operation that I'm told was conducted by Iraqi forces."

Mr Wood was well and was undergoing medical checks while in the care of the Australian emergency response team, Mr Howard said.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer meanwhile said Mr Wood was in good shape, if mentally exhausted.

He said he had called the Wood family with the good news at 6pm.

A family spokesman said: "They are elated.

"They haven't spoken to him yet but I understand that all of the family know in all parts of the world."

Mr Wood, a US-based Australian with an American wife, Yvonne, and a daughter, Christina, has brothers living in Australia

UPDATE: John Little of Blogs of War points us to this article in The Australian:
Seventeen days later Iraq security forces stumbled by chance on the house where he was being held during an early-morning search in a northern suburb of Baghdad.

In an operation codenamed Lightning and supported by US advisers, the Iraqis were conducting "snap, cordon and search" raids from house to house.

"They just happened to get lucky," a coalition defence source in Iraq said last night. Australian commanders, who had no advance knowledge of the operation, were caught by surprise.

If you are at all interested in the lies being told by the Islamofascist apologist and Grand Mufti of Australia, then you have to read this post by Tim Blair. Sheikh al-Hillali is claiming that it was he who arranged for Wood's release.

UPDATE II: KrilliX adds, "Con un’operazione militare. Senza pagare riscatti e finanziare i terroristi. Evidentemente si può fare anche così." Indeed.

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The Wood family blog--blog started by Douglas Wood's family in an effort to convince the terrorists to let him go.

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