June 14, 2005

Porn Star Mary Carey's Dinner with President Bush

Maybe I'm the last blogger on earth to hear that former California gubernatorial governor and porn star Mary Cary is scheduled to have dinner with President Bush tonight, but no one is going to accuse Rusty Shackleford of not doing his utmost to get to the bottom of this story! Oh Infinite Zeuss, why do you mock me?? Why could I have not been in D.C. this week!!

Via Wonkette and the America Blog I learn that Mary Cary is set to be at National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) fundraiser tonight as the guest of pornographer and president of Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkis.

As we speak Kulkis & Carey are scheduled to be having lunch with Karl Rove. At 3:00 p.m. Eastern, Carey will be at The Coyote Ugly Saloon in Washington, DC, for a pre-dinner press-conference where she will be showing off her dress for this evening's festivities with the President. Mary Cary is going to announce her candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of California at the conference.

If you are in the D.C. area, grab a digital cam and get on over there (you have all of 5 minutes to get there). If you need some press credentials I'll be happy to provide you some on condition that you bring a digital cam!

Of course, the mavens over at Wonkette are publishing this because they think it is so ironical. And the gay-outing thugs over at America Blog want to show the hypocrisy of the Republicans inviting a pornorgrapher to a fundraiser. And no doubt this will become something of a minor embarrasment for the administration among inside the beltway pundits tomorrow morning. The kind of story where no one will actually talk about what happened, but all will pause to speak of the effect of what happened on the President's poll numbers, support among Christians, and so forth.

On behalf of all South Park Republicans everywhere let me be the first to say, Mr. President, have an enjoyable dinner with that porn star!

marycareyunclesam1.jpgOn a serious note, there is no way that President Bush knows that Mary Cary is going to be there. It's also very unlikely that KKKarl Rove or any of the Bush people know what Kick Ass Productions is or that Mark Kulkis is an adult film producer. I was never one of those right-wingers who got all over Clinton for having drug dealers in the White House or who got all upset about Gore's campaign fundraising troubles. The reality is that modern campaigns are run like very large corporations, with the people at the top knowing very little about the day to day operations of the organization.

Further, neither she nor Kulkis is actually having dinner with the President as their press release implies. Hundreds of people will be at that dinner. If being in the same room with the President while you put food in your mouth counts as 'having dinner', then I've dined with Senators, had brunch with Kings, and even had tea with the first lady. You know, cause I was in the same room and all....

Anyway, I have no objections to a porn star going to a Republican fundraiser. Heck, I want more porn stars at Republican fundraisers! But this will be a minor embarassment tomorrow if word doesn't get out and Kulkis's invite isn't cancelled in the next few hours, so heads up on this.

UPDATE: I didn't notice this last week on WND. In it, Cary claims she is a Christian. Ok, maybe Cary doesn't understand what it means to be a Christian or maybe she's just a bad Christian, but that just seems like one of the most idiotic statements ever. Or maybe she read the part about Jesus saving the adultress from those who would stone her Taliban style, but forgot to read on to the next part where he says, "Go and sin no more."

I love this one:

When asked about Bible verses condemning adultery, she responded, "Bill Clinton committed adultery. [Doing] adult movies is acting, portraying a role. It's not Mary Ellen Cook, the real me."
Acting, right. *cough*

Anyway, from the WND article we already get a preview of the brew-ha-ha that's coming down:

"The reason these people are doing this is for publicity and to embarrass Bush," Wildmon told WND. "I think the Republicans can survive this, but they need to go public with an explanation. They need to exclude them or withdraw the invitation. Just doing nothing is the worst thing they can do."
True that. My explanation would be to point out that Jesus also like to dine with sinners. That's the excuse Carter used. After all, if Jimmy Carter can admit to having 'unclean thoughts' in a Playboy interview and still escape with a squeaky clean image, I'm sure President Bush can survive this.

And yes, I'm both a blog pimp and a link whore.....

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