June 13, 2005

Left-Wing French Journalist Freed, Was Held with Romanian Hostages

Very good news to hear the left-wing French journalist Florence Aubenas has been set free from her hostage ordeal. France, for what it's worth, denies paying a ransom for the journalist.

Why is it that the terrorists continually target left-wing journalists? Is it a) because the vast majority of journalists are leftists and therefore chances are if you take a journalist hostage he'll more than likely be a left-winger? Or is it b) because left-wing journalists are stupid enough to believe their own propaganda about the so-called 'insurgency', thinking that the 'freedom fighters' are really no threat until one day they find themselves hostage?

I'm leaning towards b myself, but there is a good arguement to be made for a.

Our man on the streets in Romania, Adi, points out one of the most fascinating aspects of Florence Aubenas release is that she was held captive for almost two months with three Romanian journalists who were also being held hostage. As you may recall, an American citizen has been formally accused by the Romanian government of setting up the kidnapping of the three Romanians. If the four were held together by the same group of terrorists, why was the French hostage not released until now?

Notice from the article below that the left-leaning French Liberation, for whom Aubenas worked, can't find anything bad to say about the men who held their employee hostage for close to half a year. I can understand how a hostage might develop Stockholm syndrome, but not the employer of a hostage. It never ceases to amaze how far the left-leaning press will go to apologize for the attrocities committed by their terrorist allies.


The French government today insisted it paid no ransom for the release of a journalist held in captivity for five months in Iraq.
Michel Barnier, a former foreign minister who worked on the case until leaving the government this month, said no money had changed hands to get Florence Aubenas freed.

Current minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said he could give no information about the hostage-takers, apart from saying there were other hostages being held where Aubenas had been detained.

Aubenas returned to France yesterday and was met by friends and family at Villacoublay airport, outside Paris.

She had spent 157 days of captivity after going missing on January 5. Although she spoke briefly to reporters, Aubenas has yet to provide information about the identity of her kidnappers or details about her release

Three Romanian journalists who were held in Iraq for nearly two months have said they were kept for 51 days in a cellar alongside Aubenas.

"If there was a hero in this whole story, it was Florence," Marie-Jeanne Ion, one of the Romanians, told Liberation. "She encouraged us all during the moments of depression."

The editorial director at Liberation, Antoine de Gaudemar, said the journalist apparently suffered no ill treatment or harassment while in captivity.

I wonder if she, like Giuliana Sgrena before her, had a good time watching soccer with her terrorist captors?

Others: Chad at In the Bullpen notes that Liberation claims the French journalist was freed because of a military operation involving a high-speed chase. French-military.....that's one of those oxymorons, right?

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