June 03, 2005

Religion of Peace Update: Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta edition

Now that I've got my Instalanche, I can just sit back and watch the hits coming. But in the spirit of solidarity to all my homies, here is what I'm reading this morning. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta!

Others (following our lead) now reporting Zaraqawi dead, however all of us are relying on the same source. I'll try to contact some alternative sources about this and see what the Jihadi boards are saying. Laurence Simon, over at The Dead Pool, has a pretty funny poll going on Zarqawi's demise. Go vote early and vote often!

Suicide bombers, not content with murdering Shias in Iraq, murder 10 Suffis.

American soldier, not content with being dhimmi, becomes a Muslim.

Top Islamofascist cleric in Australia believes hostage, Douglas Wood, will be freed. No word on how he know this, who his contacts with the terrorist in Iraq are, and how come he knows how to contact the terrorists yet somehow the Australian government can't send a commando team in.

Can chicks have balls? Cause Cao has a massive set of cajones taking on the Islamofascists here.

Good news everyone! This Islamofascists in Iran may kill you if you convert to Buddhism but they will allow you to get breast implants!! Cause Allah loves big knockers.........

The Dukes of Hazard Suicide Bombing Manual!

John Donovan reviews The New American Militarism, How Americans Are Seduced By War.
by Andrew J. Bacevich

Quotes you're likely to hear in the near future: "He was really an o.k. guy, except for that whole chopping off my head thing."

Around the sphere:

Professor Chaos doesn't get a job at the Library of Congress because he's white, male, and not a transvestite.

As a Trojan alumni I'd say banning beer on 32nd Street would be more of a service to the neighborhood than banning beer at the Coliseum. You know, there might be less gay toga parties that way.

Dan Rather is a first class idiot. Period.

Man this guy is good. Real good.

Yes, to the horror of most of my readers, I support Marijuana legalization. Not for the economic gain, which Digger cites here, but because it's about liberty. The liberty to do stupid things, like getting crunched man.

Howard Dean: "The republicans are all about suppressing votes. Two voting machines if you live in a black district, 10 voting machines if you live in a white district." Trey Jackson has the video.

W. Thomas Smith interviews the very hot Janine Di Giovani on her experiences as a war reporter in Yugoslavia during the darkest days of the conflict.

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