June 02, 2005

Death Threats Made Against Blogger

No, this time it's not Rusty Shackleford, although I've had my share of death threats in the past, it's Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. The threats were made by the good folks over at Reviving Islam, but I'm sure the Religion of Peace had nothing to do with it.....

ROBERT SPENCER, the director of Jihad Watch, is a writer and researcher...

I believe he's already on the hit list, nothing new..

E-mail a terrorist sympathizer: muslimcreed@hotmail.com

UPDATE: Site is down. Thanks to Jawa, Ace-o-Spades, Internet Hagganah, and LGF readers for e-mailing complaints (and for signing terrorist up for gay-singles and Jewish wisdom of the day spam!)

One Whois search reveals that the site is registered to an American in Oregon:
Abu Sinjaab
8945 washington blvd.
brownstown, OR 987456

This site's server is in Canada:
OrgName: Groupe iWeb Technologies inc.
Address: 3185, rue Hochelaga
City: Montreal
StateProv: QC
PostalCode: H1W-1G4
Country: CA
AbuseName: Mertes, Cyrille
AbusePhone: +1-514-286-4242
AbuseEmail: abuse@iweb.ca

Hat tip: Deep Throat

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