June 01, 2005

Once in a Blue Moon: Bio-terror Attack Against Indonesian Embassy

It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. It looks like an Australian idiot mailed some sort of biohazardous material to the Indonesian embassy. The Indonesians, you'll remember, are the ones who let the terrorist mastermind of the Bali bombing, Abu Bakar Bashir, which killed dozens of Australians, off with the light sentence of 4.5 days per victim. The attack may be related to the recent sentencing of Australian Beauty Queen Schapelle Corby to 20 years in prison for drug smuggling, a charge many believe to be trumped up.

Herals Sun:

THE white powder mailed to the Indonesian Embassy in Australia's first bio-terror attack contained bacteria from the same family as anthrax.

Prime Minister John Howard linked the potentially deadly threat to hysteria over the Schapelle Corby jailing.
"It's not an innocent white powder, it's some kind of biological agent," he said.

Fifty embassy staff were locked in their building last night as police and scientists investigated.

White powder spilled to the embassy floor when a staff member opened an envelope addressed to Ambassador Imron Cotan, who was out at the time. The envelope also contained a note.

Police and emergency services, including hazardous materials units, raced to the embassy.

Embassy staff are expected to stay locked inside for at least 48 hours until the powder is identified.

The PM was anxious about the results of the tests. "I'm not a scientist but they say it belongs to the bacillus group," he said.

The bacillus group includes various forms of bacteria, one of which is the causative agent of anthrax.

Mr Howard said he was staggered by the attack, an apparent reprisal over the jailing of Corby in Bali last week for drug smuggling.

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