May 30, 2005

Religion of Peace Update: Remember the Alamo Edition

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Right: Those 'moderate' Shias misunderstanding their own religion once again by preparing an adultress to be stoned to death by first burying her. More on Iran at this Front Page article. (Hat tip: Ron)

Religion of 'beheadings are not Islamic' watch: Baptist minister beheaded in 'moderate' Muslim country. (Hat tip: Robert Spencer)

Zarqawi, like Elvis, is everywhere. Zaraqi hiding out in village north of Baghdad? No, Zarqawi still alive and in Iran. Knock on wood. (Hat tip: Andrew Cochran)

Tiny minority of extremists riot against cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys.

Hot infidels get 20 years for Mary-J smuggling while terrorist masterminds get 3 for murdering hundreds in this 'Moderate' Islamic state.

Troops deployed to protect Christians from misunderstanderers of the Religion of Peace.

That's 'Lebanese' election, not lesbian...

Sunnis decide to kill Zarqawi minions. Zarqawi is doomed, DOOMED, DOOMED!

Two 'Mennonites' indicted in al Qaeda conspiracy. (Hat tip: Robert Spencer)

The Bush Doctrine explained to Leftists.

Bride gang-raped in retaliation for her brother's infidelity. Do you think this hapened in Texas? (hat tip: Capitalist Infidel)

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