May 26, 2005

Festival of the Fatwas

So many great blogs, so little time. If you have a post you need plugged, just send a trackback here. We'll see if there are any takers and whether or not to make this a regular feature. (Translation: for the love of all that is holy send a trackback!!)

Update: Of course this might work better if trackbacks were working......*sigh*
Update II: Ok, all seems normal again.

In the meantime:

Cheers to Martini Pundit on his one year blogoversary.

The Dread Pundit Bluto catches a case of the funny.

WunderKraut notices that NPR uses the 'I' word. As in "Illegal Alien".

Jason has more on the Iraq-al Qaeda connection.

Jane from Armies of Liberation has an excellent post in The Religion Journal on the ongoing government sponsored al Qaeda jihad in Yemen.

Secret note to Preston: Forget the boring TN scandal, focus all remaing strength on tonight's 'meeting'.

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